Breathe your Way to Lower Stress

19 de April, 2014

The rapid pace of modern life puts great stress on us on a daily basis. Have you ever been told or mentioned to someone, “just breathe?” There is more depth to this advice than we realize, and the simple act of taking a few deep breathes can have a tremendous impact on our state of mind and overall stress level.

I hope to develop a practice of breathing deeply and mindfully for at least 1 minute each day, and look forward to what might result. By developing this “muscle” I hope to be able to utilize it in the middle of the day if get caught in a stressful or frustrating situation. By taking these deep breathes, I will slow down and get grounded once again to be able to face challenges from a more stable state of mind.

I found the following infographic useful in giving some additional information regarding the benefits of mindful breathing. I would love to hear what you have noticed from your own breathing practices?

Image credit: Huffington Post



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