Isaac Casado

Entrepreneur and politician, Venezuela

My coaching experience with Diane was very positive. It made me reflect on how much we invest in the academic part of our formation, and how little we do in the spiritual and personal part. That exposed me to a new world of content and interesting topics. I was able to reflect on my abilities, recognize my strengths and focus on the opportunities that really fit my profile. It helped me take firm and conscious steps for what I want to build in the future. ”

Maria Rubiano

Ecologist, Colombia

Diane gave me the confidence to be able to dig into my inner self and realize that many things that I believed to be true were not necessarily true. I managed to understand that many of the limitations I had were caused by me, and that I just had to find a way to handle and overcome them. After coaching, I have been able to try new things and get involved in activities that I previously thought were not for me. I have noticed a growth both personal and professional.”

Maria Jose


Sometimes you think you know yourself enough to know the reason for your actions and what happens to you. This is not always true, we make excuses, we look for external answers and forget to find answers within ourselves. It is not easy to start doing this, and coaching can help you see your life and behaviors differently, from another perspective, with new tools that will serve you forever.”



It is very difficult to find a place and time to think and feel. Everything moves so fast nowadays. We seek for solutions all the time, answers, a place where we can rest. But we keep forgetting that those, we can only find inside of us. Coaching is that: a long way into one self’s world in a safe environment. I strongly recommend coaching and Diane as a coach, because she has a special ability to connect with any person, thus creating a trusting environment. She helped me understand my emotions and the impact those had in my daily life. Most importantly: she helped me find serenity and harmony.”



Diane helped me get to a point where, on my own, I could see, value and take responsibility for myself, both the good and bad, always with special emphasis on the good. She gave me concrete tools to move forward, but now with greater freedom; the freedom you obtain when you know and love yourself as you are.”

Melina Masnatta

Executive Director of Girls in Technology, Argentina

I valued Diane’s ability to understand the moment, her feedback and the certainty in her recommendations. The use of time was key: with little time, she shared great wisdom and useful tools. I obtained tools for a lifetime, especially in understanding the thought patterns and emotions that we always apply and therefore do not improve as people. Coaching helped me to be more aligned to my beliefs, actions and emotions; to be able to understand more the challenges that were presented to me and to have tools to face them. Diane helped me believe more in myself.”