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iCatalyze provides custom leadership development workshops and programs, individual coaching and group coaching, serving as a catalyst for increased confidence and performance in your team, your organization and yourself.


Facilitation and Team Building

iCatalyze offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching as an incredibly powerful process to help you grow both personally and professionally.


Leadership Development Training

This focuses on essential tool for a leader and promotes self-knowledge and the construction of healthy mental habits to maintain high performance.



All workshops are based on an experiential learning model which provides the greatest impact for adult learners.


Maria Jose


Sometimes you think you know yourself enough to know the reason for your actions and what happens to you. This is not always true, we make excuses, we look for external answers and forget to find answers within ourselves. It is not easy to start doing this, and coaching can help you see your life and behaviors differently, from another perspective, with new tools that will serve you forever.”



Diane helped me get to a point where, on my own, I could see, value and take responsibility for myself, both the good and bad, always with special emphasis on the good. She gave me concrete tools to move forward, but now with greater freedom; the freedom you obtain when you know and love yourself as you are.”

Isaac Casado

Entrepreneur and politician, Venezuela

My coaching experience with Diane was very positive. It made me reflect on how much we invest in the academic part of our formation, and how little we do in the spiritual and personal part. That exposed me to a new world of content and interesting topics. I was able to reflect on my abilities, recognize my strengths and focus on the opportunities that really fit my profile. It helped me take firm and conscious steps for what I want to build in the future. ”


Emotional Management in Times of Crisis

In the world of business (regardless of size), crises are inevitable. From economic uncertainty to abrupt market changes, organizations face challenges that can profoundly affect the emotional health of their teams. A striking statistic from the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that 77% of employees in the United States reported work-related stress in the past […]

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Emotional Intelligence: Key to Retaining New Generations in Companies

  “71% of employers value emotional intelligence more than technical skills when evaluating candidates,” according to a 2024 Harvard Business School article titled: Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Leadership. Diane Garza, iCatalyze CEO, states that “Today, companies face a significant challenge: high talent turnover, especially among new generations like millennials and Gen Z. These […]

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The art of delegation: how leaders can empower their teams without neglecting them

This article was originally published in Spanish on Entrepreneur.com. Read the original version HERE. At the heart of effective leadership lies the ability to delegate efficiently. Delegation is not only crucial for time management and operational efficiency, but it is also fundamental for team empowerment and development. However, the real challenge for many leaders is […]

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Your space to learn from great leaders and maximize your potential! Diane Garza, executive coach and leadership trainer, interviews top executives to learn about their trajectories and leadership lessons.

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