Be Grateful…

Nov 27, 2013


As Thanksgiving approaches, it makes me reflect upon the things I am grateful for… and also reminds me that I should be grateful more often. Coincidentally, I found the TED Talk above regarding this very topic. I agree with Benedictine monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast, who gives us very simple tips to be more grateful. He says we need to do as children who are learning to cross the street: “Stop, look and go.”

In this context, he says we should take time to stop our busy lives and notice what is around us. We’ll be surprised to notice even mundane things we take for granted for which we should be thankful. He uses an amusing example of being grateful for running water, but the important point is that we need to slow down and really take notice of the marvelous things around us.

Once we stop and look, we need to go, or take action. In most cases, what we can “do” is to enjoy the moment, and other times we can be more creative.

So, as we get ready to meet with family and friends, I encourage you to stop, take a moment to notice the beautiful things around you, notice the moments, notice the opportunities we have… and give thanks. If this can become a habit, we can become a more joyful person and that will certainly be projected on to others, so we can share the joy.

What sort of things are you noticing? What are you grateful for?

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