End of the Year Reflections

Dec 30, 2013


As we near the end of 2013, I get a bit nostalgic and take a look back at what this year has brought. I am not a fan of “resolutions,” but I do think the end of the year gives us an opportunity to appreciate what we have accomplished and set goals for the coming year. It is important to reflect on our past, not so we get “stuck” in it, but so we can learn from its lessons and move forward.

At the beginning of 2013, I set a broad goal for myself to spend more time with people I love and dedicate quality time to them. I feel I have become more mindful of this and have made a conscious effort to create opportunities to share with some family and friends, plus increasing the amount of calls I make to stay in touch despite the distance. I know this is a goal I will “roll over” into the New Year as there are still a few people on my list to whom I want to dedicate more time and attention.

This year I also set a goal to further my professional development by obtaining a Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University. So far, this has been a life-changing program that has taught me to be more introspective, while also attentive to others around me. I look forward to sharing some of these new insights on iCatalyze in 2014!

Inspired by my coaching program, I also took on the Whole30 challenge to make a positive change in my diet and overall relationship with food. It was definitely an overhaul that took a lot of will power and determination, but I surprisingly stuck with it and accomplished the 30-day goal. It completely changed the way I see food and I lost a few pounds as a bonus. So, I look forward to continuing to eat more healthy in 2014 and being sure that I don’t forget to take care of myself.

So, looking back, I have definitely had some highlights in my personal and professional life. Looking forward to 2014, I hope to continue my introspective journey by being more mindful and grateful. Plus, I hope to continue to share inspiration learn from you as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Photo Credit: by Georgie*s via flickr

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